Lisa Bender Addresses Trolls, Explains Vote to Demolish Nicole Curtis's Beloved Orth House

After the mayor and Curtis trade barbs, Bender responds

After the mayor and Curtis trade barbs, Bender responds

Lisa Bender had her reasons for voting to allow the demolition of Uptown's Orth House at 2320 Colfax Ave. The city staff she relies on recommended it and two different judges ruled against efforts to trying to stop it, giving property owner Michael Crow every right to knock the fire-damaged building down.

The city council member's decision made her a passionate set of enemies in reality TV star Nicole Curtis, thousands of her fans from across the country, and longtime neighborhood residents in favor of preservation and wary of change.

In a short essay published on her personal Facebook page yesterday, Bender addressed the "aggressive, sometimes violent rhetoric" those opponents used in voicing their angst over the loss of the old house, and expanded on her reasons for allowing the demolition. See also: Mayor Hodges Calls Out Nicole Curtis on Facebook For Inciting Her Army of Trolls

"Based on the facts in the public record, staff advised and I agreed that this building did not meet the criteria for the city government to mandate its preservation," she wrote. "We have laws that govern how a property owner may use their property and laws that govern when the government will intervene in ways that constrain those rights."

"Disappointed" was the word she went with when addressing the trolls.

She was disappointed by the lies spread about her, disappointed by the people who keep trying to hack her Facebook, disappointed by the "aggressive, sometimes violent rhetoric," and disappointed that "people have used sexualized language, name-calling, and threats of violence to try to intimidate me, my colleagues, and city staff."

"Although most of the invective is coming from people who do not even live in Minneapolis, some of it is coming from residents, and it can at times be frightening," she wrote. "I have two small children and my family deserves to be and feel safe in our community just like the rest of our neighbors do."

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