Lino Lakes PD's drunk driving "Protip" is hilarious

Who says cops don't have a sense of humor?

Check out this Facebook status the Lino Lakes Police Department published over the weekend during its grant-funded DUI sting:

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Lino Lakes PD's drunk driving "Protip" is hilarious

Reached for comment, Sergeant Wayne Wegener, public information officer for the Lino Lakes PD, tells us the alleged drunk driver in question, who he declined to identify because charges haven't been filed yet, wasn't caught behind the wheel.

"The next morning he had gone back to retrieve his belongings, such as his pants, wallet, car keys, and phone, and we were requested to go meet him at one of the establishments where he thought [his stuff] was because he thought they had possession of those things," Wegener says. "We arrived, and after speaking with him, we believed he was still intoxicated and determined he had driven there to retrieve his belongings. We did field sobriety testing, and that's how the DUI was received."

The August 17 post isn't the only time the Lino Lakes PD has demonstrated a sense of humor on social media recently:

Asked about the funny quips from the department's official accounts, Wegener gave the credit to Captain Kelly McCarthy, who he says "does the majority of the social media stuff."

"All in all we get very good, positive feedback" regarding the department's Facebook and Twitter posts, Wegener says. "You're always going to have a few people who don't agree with something you post, but that's the way it goes."

With regard to how many DUIs go down in his north suburban town on a typical weekend, Wegener says, "It varies, but two to three is probably a fair average for a full Friday to Sunday."

"For events [like last weekend's sting], we do actually have large signs, road signs, that say, 'It's a DUI arrest zone,'" he continues. "The biggest thing is to deter people from [drunk driving] in the first place. We're not trying to hide around corners and wait for them, we're putting it out there to keep people from doing it."

h/t -- Nick Halter

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