Linda Zinter appeals U of M 'bad advising' lawsuit ruling

All Linda Zinter wanted was a little advice from her grad school academic adviser.

But when that advice turned out to be unhelpful--the courses her adviser suggested weren't required, and Zinter earned an "F" in one of them--she sued the University of Minnesota, for $6,775 in tuition damages for wasting her time.

Zinter lost her case in 2009. Now it's before the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

At a hearing at Hamline University on Wednesday, Zinter's attorney explained the former U of M master's degree candidate's situation. Zinter says that in 2003 and 2004, Jack Johnson pressured to take courses in that weren't required for her program. Zinter says she was also banned from bringing a video camera to her study abroad trip to Italy, which she planned to use for her final project.

Zinter claims Johnson's bad advice is the reason she did not receive her master's degree.

Zinter lost her case in Hennepin County. Mark Rotenberg, the U's general counsel, argued that the courts have no role in such academic disputes, and that the University has a process Zinter could have used to protest the allegedly poor advising.

The Appeals Court has 90 days to make a decision.

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