Limerick contest winners announced

Sadly, it now looks like Senator Larry Craig is having second thoughts about resigning from office. Some people, it seems, have no understanding of when it's time to recede from the national consciousness. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

In any event, we have read the limericks, we thank everyone who participated, and we are prepared to announce a winner. It is Todd, for the following bit of poetry:

There once was a Party fixation on Senator's bathroom vacations Ignored David Vitter, prostitutes? "I can't quit her" Hypocrisy - GOP Nation

Todd will receive a copy of "The Book of SPAM," an admittedly mediocre (if nicely packaged) tome about Minnesota's most famous meat product. (An aside to Kim Curtin at Atria Books: You can stop sending us copies of this book now. Nine is quite enough.)

They're all corrupt somehow, who posted an astounding seven limericks, gets an honorable mention for hard work. While his pieces didn't always follow limerick rhythm rules (a problem common to many otherwise clever and witty entries), you can't deny the effort behind them. They're all corrupt somehow gets a T-shirt commemorating the Twin Cities Pond and Landscapes Tour. (Winners: send me an email with your mailing addresses, please.) Huzzahs all around.

And one last thing: In our small effort to help the nation move on, City Pages hereby announces that this limerick contest, contrary to previous statements, will not be an annual affair.

There. We feel better already.