Lily the black bear gives birth on the Internet again - twice [UPDATED]

Lily, right, and Hope huddle in their den.

Lily, right, and Hope huddle in their den.

Not content to have melted down the North American Bear Center's web servers last January, Lily the black bear tried again by giving birth on the Internet today - twice.

In case you missed it last time--and a lot of people did because no one was prepared for the the torrent of web traffic from all over the world--researchers installed webcams in her den near Ely again.


That allowed the bear center's Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield to see her clenching her teeth Friday, the same thing she did just before she gave birth to her cub, Hope.

Today's births mean that her new cubs were born almost exactly a year after her last brush with fame. Here's the link to den webcam page.

Here's how the news played out on Twitter:

Lily has piled extra bedding near the entrance of the den. Lily and Hope are playing. We hear no new cubs sounds yet. Just Hope's grumbles.less than a minute ago via web

A cub has been born!less than a minute ago via web

Lily gave birth to one cub at 13:51 CST. Will there be another? than a minute ago via web

Any doubt about the # of cubs Lily gave birth to has been put to rest. We clearly heard one new cub squawking and new one cub nursing!less than a minute ago via web

Lily was sharing the den with Hope, who went missing and was feared dead for a while last year.

Another bear being studied by the center, named Sarah, was shot and killed by a hunter in September.