Lil Wayne blackface skit roils Bethel University

Here's a great bad idea for a campus AIDS program fundraiser: Have a student in blackface impersonate Lil Wayne, complete with dreadlocks, gold teeth and baggy pants.

Seriously? Evidently that's what happened recently at Bethel University, according to the Star Tribune. The students in the skit have apologized, but their bad call is being investigated as a "bias incident" on campus, and their skit is getting lousy reviews.

"Here we are in 2010, and still a ton of people don't realize why this might hurt people," history professor Ruben Rivera told the Star Tribune. It's "an expression of deliberate and unconscious racism in America."

Moment of irony: Based in St. Paul, Bethel is an evangelical Christian campus, "preparing graduates to live out their faith, including the biblical mandate of reconciliation. Faculty and staff strive to model the love of Christ across lines of gender, race, culture, and socio-economic status."

Lil Wayne, in case you forgot, was recently sentenced to a year behind bars at Rikers Island on gun charges.

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