Lieberman roots for Coleman, gives Dems a reason to loathe him

Sen. Joe Lieberman came to the defense of buddy Sen. Norm Coleman after Democrats accused him of not investigating inadequate oversight of the Iraq war.

Lieberman, also a former Democrat (now an Independent) and one of the left-wing fair weather fans, spoke out in a Pioneer Press opinion piece Saturday against the attacks during an increasingly interesting and fierce Senate race.

As the former chairman and current ranking member of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI), Sen. Norm Coleman used the subcommittee to solve real problems facing Americans.

Furthermore, any suggestion Sen. Coleman stymied Democrats' investigations into Iraq-related matters is unfair and unfounded. Under the subcommittee's rules, the Republican and Democratic leaders have the right to initiate an inquiry at any time. Neither party leader did that. In short, the fact remains: at no time did Coleman hinder, reject or refuse an inquiry into Iraq-related matters.

According to The Hill, his support of Coleman could hurt his future leadership in the Senate:

His advocacy for Coleman, who is locked in a tight battle with comedian Al Franken, may give Democratic leaders another reason to take away Lieberman's leadership position in the next Congress. Democrats expect that if they have a robust majority, the senator may lose the coveted chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Lieberman chose an interesting time to come out with his support as Coleman shows signs of last-ditch efforts to save his campaign. Polls show Franken gaining a lead on him and his decision to stop the negative ads is a clear indicator that he is trying a different route.

This election is all about holding grudges.

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