Liberals love paying taxes, send "Thank You" cards

Liberals love paying taxes, send "Thank You" cards
Photo by kimberlyfaye

To counter the horrific and inappropriate Republican teabagging taking place all over the country today, liberals decided to embrace those big checks to the government.

No ball-dipping orgies for the liberals. Just some good old-fashioned "Thank You" cards to taxes.

So their effort is a little last minute, not as funny, and pretty wussy. But nice effort anyhow.

The Alliance for a Better Minnesota is promoting the state effort to thank elected officials for taxing us and providing services with that cash. If you're feeling all warm inside after mailing the IRS that giant check, why not pass that love along? Send a thank-you card here. Then proceed to gag a little.

While the Republicans were dumb enough to do national calls for teabagging elected officials, the Democrats manage to make their campaign a total snooze. Congrats to both. The "thank you" effort is backed by Americans United for Change and U.S. PIRG. Be sure to thank all of them for the effective marketing efforts.

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