Lewis Black on Michele Bachmann: "I'm stunned. I don't get it."


Comedian Lewis Black is coming to the State Theatre this weekend to tape a cable TV show, and he took some time out to dish with City Pages on everything from Craig Ferguson to Farmville.

So just for fun, we threw Michele Bachmann into the grist mill.

"What stuns me is that she comes from Minnesota and that she was elected out of there. Having spent time there and performed there, I'm stunned. I don't get it," he told us.

On the basis of what, that she's got a law degree? From where? Who gave this woman a law degree? I find the whole thing completely extraordinary. That thing recently that the war started in New Hampshire. And she stood up to read from the Constitution but she was reading from the Declaration of Independence. I mean, those are gaffes, but a lot of this is just beyond my comprehension. It literally makes it hard for me to breathe.

We understand, Mr. Black. Really, we do.

Read the whole Lewis Black interview in The Dressing Room.

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