Levi Minissale was in open relationship with ex-girlfriend he allegedly murdered, sister says

Levi's sister says he served in an artillery unit in Afghanistan.
Levi's sister says he served in an artillery unit in Afghanistan.

Last Thursday in Mankato, Minneapolis resident Levi Minissale allegedly stabbed 20-year-old Yesenia Gonzalez to death and left her husband injured. After he was arrested, Minissale told police Gonzalez got what she deserved "in a way."

THE BACKSTORY: Levi Minissale of Mpls allegedly murdered his ex-girlfriend, said she deserved it

In an interview with Fox 9, Minissale's sister, Tanya Minissale, tried to shed some light on what may have motivated her brother to do such a heinous thing.

Tanya said Levi was a Marine who just got out of the military last year. During a stint in Afghanistan, Levi "got shot at a lot," Tanya said.

"He did almost die. He told me he saw somebody die in his platoon," she told Fox, suggesting that his experiences in the military may have contributed to what happened last week.

Tanya also identified Levi's complicated relationship with Gonzalez and her husband as a factor.

Gonzalez "lived with her husband in Mankato, but the relationship was described as open and Levi and Yesenia apparently got close," the Fox report says. "Tanya believes there were issues of love and commitment that her brother struggled to grasp, perhaps impacted by his experiences at war."

On Twitter, Tanya has expressed hope that Levi's status as an Afghanistan combat veteran won't be ignored as his second-degree murder and attempted murder case plays out in the courts.

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