Levi Minissale of Mpls allegedly murdered his ex-girlfriend, said she deserved it

Minissale's mugshot from when he was arrested and later convicted of check forgery in Stearns County in 2008.
Minissale's mugshot from when he was arrested and later convicted of check forgery in Stearns County in 2008.

Minneapolis resident Levi Minissale has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly stabbing his 20-year-old ex-girlfriend to death yesterday morning in Mankato.

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Minissale also faces an assault charge for allegedly stabbing and injuring his ex's 26-year-old husband. The husband called police to report the stabbings around 10:30 a.m. yesterday. They reportedly occurred inside the husband's home.

The circumstances of the stabbings aren't clear at this point, but Paul Blume reports that Minissale "stabbed his ex-girlfriend in the throat." According to WCCO, the husband was stabbed numerous times but has already been released from the hospital.

Officers arrested Minissale, 24, about a half-hour after the stabbings when they "went into the nearby Holiday gas station and were told by a clerk that a man had been in the restroom for an unusually long time," the Mankato Free Press reports. Sure enough, Minissale was in there with what looked to be blood on his clothes.

Minissale allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend just two days after Shoreview resident Nancy Sullivan became the eighth metro area woman to be allegedly killed by her boyfriend or husband in the past six months.

:::: UPDATE ::::

A Fox 9 report contains details about the incident:

[The husband] had several cuts on various parts of his body. He identified the attacker as Minissale, who he considered a friend. The man told police he woke up to a distant scream while trying to get some sleep between jobs. He said Minissale then came into the room and stabbed him multiple times...

When interviewed by police, Minissale said he was driving back to Minneapolis from Sioux Falls, S.D., where he spent the night with another woman, when he decided to stop by Mankato. He admitted he was angry with "them," referring to the two victims, and had thoughts about hurting "them."

Minissale admitted to stabbing his ex-girlfriend three or four times. When asked if he believed his ex-girlfriend got what she deserved, Minissale said "in a way, yes." When asked if her husband got what he deserved, Minissale said "in a way, yes and in a way, no."

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