Letters to the Editor: Religious Awakening

Nick Vlcek

Readers respond to "In Her Prayers"

Thank you for taking the time to meet Jariland and help spread the good news she brings. I met Jariland a few years ago when she came to a church in Jordan to share her testimony of how God spoke to her one night while she was on the dance floor. He told her that was not the life for her, and look at what she's able to do for others now because she listened that night. Every time I am around Jariland I get goose bumps—I firmly believe that is the Holy Spirit shining through this wonderful woman. She is an inspiration to anyone who has the pleasure to meet her.

Nancy Buck

I live in Plymouth, work at the Robbinsdale Women's Center (RWC), and visit north Minneapolis to see Jariland at the Prayer Center. I met her through a friend on a Friday night at the center in January of 2009. I heard Jariland's story of how God told her to start a prayer center, and how eventually she stopped doing the sewing business that was her livelihood. Jariland and "her boys" have been an example to us at RWC, too. Several of "the gang" have come over to help us move furniture, some of which we donated to the new thrift store on Kingdom Square (the block that Jariland occupies). We have been getting to know these men; we learned more of their stories, prayed with them, and were mutually encouraged. It is just wonderful to see how faith in Jesus can divide the waters of adversity, bring hope and healing, and unite people. We are richer for the experience. We love you, Jariland! Thank you for your example. We're praying for the guys and Kingdom Square.

Kathleen Wichterman

I work with kids in my neighborhood in north Minneapolis and like to bring them over to meet the guys like Jamie and others to share their stories with my guys. Jariland and the guys share hope. We need that!

James Nelson
North Minneapolis

Jairiland, you bless and encourage all of us for your great faith in God's presence and the power of prayer. When we do our centering prayer at St. Olaf in the heart of Minneapolis, I often think of you in the heart of north Minneapolis and unite our prayer with yours. Having visited you when it opened with David and Mary, it is wonderful to hear the stories of the people whose lives have changed because of your presence.

Sr. Joan Tuberty

We need more Christians to step up and help people to know that they don't have to stay in their problem situations. People like Ms. Jari can help like she has in our community on West Broadway here in north Minneapolis.

Carolyn Ann Kirk
North Minneapolis

Dear Jariland: What a gift you have and have shared with so many others. It is clear that it's not just Jasmine who is a shining light in your family, it's the light from your heart that guides her and so many who need to know that there's hope and love for them. Bless you for all you give.

Jerilyn Hirsch

And guess what? Ma is doing this with no assistance or other "help" from the usual urban "specialists" and parasites that so populate Minneapolis City Hall. Go get 'em, Ma! I dropped a couple of $20s by the storefront this week.


Glory to God! Jariland was my teacher when I first started attending church; she was my mentor as she ministered at the Rochester Prison and Hennepin County and has always been my sister in Christ! Many nights she prayed for me as I would leave her midnight voice mails crying out in my time of need. She certainly deserves the recognition for going above and beyond, then again, she is doing what God has gifted her to do! Miss you much, Sister Spence! Many, many blessings to you!


As one of the vendors quoted (and photographed) in your cover article ("Days of the Gun," 6/2/10), I was rather apprehensive as to how our pastime/industry would be portrayed in City Pages, considering its proven political leanings. Imagine my surprise when I read the issue and found it to be far more balanced than I had expected. Congrats for the fair view, and thanks for not portraying us as knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers. P.S. Just what does suspicion smell like?

Tim Pahle
Brooklyn Park

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