Letters to the Editor: MADD about you

Readers respond to "Do DWI Laws Work?"

As with so much in this state, follow the money. Find out who runs all of the DUI task forces, lobbying groups, etc., and look at their salaries. These folks make a pretty penny to gin up great Power Points, appear at church groups and community meetings, flash a few tragic photos of car crashes, and drum up support for ever more laws and oh, by the way, could you please write us a check to fund our good works?


MADD is not waging a war against drunk driving, they are waging a war against drinking in general. Make no mistake, their end goal is to impose their morals on the population. As with many other lobbying groups, it is in their best interest to cater to the extreme members, to rally the fanatics and keep the donations coming. If they set reasonable goals, rather than extreme ones, organizations like MADD would eventually achieve those goals, and would therefore have no more reason to exist. They are more interested in maintaining power, rather than instituting common-sense policies that would help reduce the actual number of drunk drivers.


I think your article is well written. However, the case against drunk driving and driving while impaired was based on a witch hunt started by vindictive heartbroken families looking for revenge. Statistics were gathered by testing victims as well as the perpetrators of even the smallest fender benders who may or may not have been any more impaired then an individual on cough medicine, cold medicine, or driving on too little sleep after long hours of work. Convicting a driver who has not caused an accident or violated a traffic law for the crimes of individuals who have is the equivalent to convicting an armed robber for murder. This is a money maker. It is a witch hunt and it's gotten out of hand.


Minnesota has some of the most lax DWI laws on earth. Most other states have much more strict laws. Most other countries have blood alcohol content levels set as low as .02, and many are at .05, with much more severe penalties. Is MADD an international conspiracy? The DWI laws are really not intrusive—just don't drink and drive. And for a 200-pound male to reach .08 it takes five beers in an hour. Kind of hard to see this as a witch hunt when it is easy to avoid one.


I have a few lawyer friends and they often talk about Minnesota DWI laws. There is a mass conspiracy/collusion going on within law enforcement ranks; officers are actually coached and trained on how to fill out police reports for DWI cases. It doesn't take much research to verify: Pull 5,000 random DWI reports and they will read like they were written by cheating high school kids copying a report from Cliffs Notes. I am talking about 90 percent-plus exact content. Also, did you know MADD has people who sit in courtrooms every single day and that they review every single DWI ruling to assure judges are not wavering from MADD's standards for punishment? Also, they employ an army of lawyers and lobbyists so if someone does find a loophole or gets a lesser punishment it is addressed in the next legislative session and the laws are modified. Check it out: DWI laws are modified every single year. This is not justice, this is a witch hunt.


As Luke points out, MADD is really the new Temperance League. I remember back in high school a basic message: Don't be stupid, just keep yourself to one drink an hour (in the .10 days of the '80s). But thanks to MADD it's almost become a "Don't even think of looking at that bottle" sort of campaign. I fear MADD has lost its way, and now doesn't want to admit the fight is over, or has to change and become more tolerant. People drink; help them not to be stupid, don't tax and fine them more.


So does MADD's reach extend to every other country on earth? No country has a higher allowable BAC than Minnesota and most have much lower with more severe penalties. Is this part of MADD's work? Or is it just that the rest of the civilized world sees it as a crime to drive impaired?


Most of the countries with lower BAC requirements for a DWI also have a more advanced train/public transportation system than what we have in Minnesota. No need for residents there to drive drunk.


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