Letters to the Editor: Mad About Us

Victory is about as "undiscovered" as the Americas before Columbus. Is the writer a recent transplant to the Cities? Thousands of us have known about north Minneapolis for a long time. It seems it is only the media that "rediscover" the neighborhoods of North every few years, that is, when they aren't freaking out and saying how scary and dangerous it is. Sadly, the political leadership of Minneapolis seems to take its cues from ridiculous coverage like this and treats North like some distant frontier—somewhere nice to visit and keep as a resource, but not really worth investing in.

Justin Time

She's never seen Mad Men

Why do you have a picture of a man smoking on your current issue? Haven't you heard of smoking as a serious health issue?


Phil Mackey scores

Glad to hear not only that Phil's doing so well—his hard work, persistence, and knowledge are certainly paying off—but that he's receiving due recognition for his talent.

Richard Palzer

Mallman Marathon

Damn right this was the best local show of the past 12 months, and by far one of the most surreal things I've ever witnessed, concert or otherwise. Never have I seen the local music community so united behind an event both on and off stage, let alone seen the Turf Club so packed when it came down to the very end. Every hour there was a unique experience, and it practically pained me to tear myself away from the event when I had to work, sleep, and hit up another show Friday night. Still managed to spend about 36 hours at the event, but that's nothing compared to guys like Chris Strouth or Erik Hess. They practically lived at the Turf Club with Mallman (who I'm pretty sure is some kind of superhuman or demigod) for most of Marathon 3 too.

Just a dude

The gentle tattooist

I've had most of my work done by Kurt. He's an amazing artist with a very gentle touch. I gave him an idea of what I was looking for and he free-hand drew the most perfect scene of cherry blossoms, water, koi, and cranes. It turned out beautiful! I highly recommend this shop.

Patty Brodsky

Nine reasons to love Heidi's

A great choice for Best New Restaurant! A truly amazing experience on all levels, but if you really want to change your life, try their nine-course tasting menu! Wow!

Jim Smart

Hail to the chef

Higher volume floats (sustains) more boats. Kudos to Lenny for leading from the top with a diverse business, and also to Alex Roberts with multiple outlets for principled meat. Back to what's on the plate, the burger on the bar menu at Heartland (the only meal I've had there) was the best I've eaten in Twin Cities, in part due to the fact that it was not commodified meat, but on flavor it was great. Affordable too.


One mean beer

I have some Abrasive in the fridge right now. It's a pretty amazing beer. Like the article said, this isn't a tame beer by any means, but if you even slightly enjoy IPAs and other beers that aren't afraid to let you know they contain hops, I would recommend trying an Abrasive. It has a strong malt backbone to prevent that major mouth-puckering bitterness you'd expect in a hop bomb. I've had red ales with far less IBUs that I thought were more bitter tasting. Congrats, Surly, keep up the good work and good luck on the new brewery!


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