Letters to the Editor


If you like Dosh, try...

Martin Dosh is an interesting talent, but your cover story missed an opportunity to throw a little light on some of the one-man bands that have come before him ("Dosh's World," 4/30/08). The late, great Joe Zawinul comes to mind. Best known for his stints with Miles and Weather Report, Zawinul also had a very creative period in the mid-'80s doing the "mad scientist/musician in the play-fort cockpit" thing. I suppose the technology is different, but the concept was the same. Fans of Dosh should pick up Zawinul's recording Dialects, a very rewarding mix of electronic jazz, funk, and world music. Twenty-two years after its release, it remains incredibly fresh, engaging, and funky as hell.

Rick Risch West St. Paul

Eat the rich

I couldn't believe what I was reading regarding AlliantAction ("Hunger Strike," 4/30/08). I live by the current ATK location in Edina, and every Wednesday for the past two years have driven through the AlliantAction protests. From what I have seen, they are peaceful and nonconfrontational. Ironically, I also work in the building adjacent to ATK's new building, the building that houses Classic Market Cafe. I noticed the group starting to assemble on Wednesdays and was glad to see them! I am appalled that Classic Market will not serve them. They have every right to peacefully protest. I certainly won't be eating at Classic Market anymore.

Angela Higgins Edina

A new take on an old classic

Peter S. Scholtes somewhat breathlessly writes: "The Roots listened to Bob Dylan's 'Masters of War,' and maybe Jimi Hendrix's bombs-over-Quang Tri take on 'The Star Spangled Banner,' and ingeniously set Dylan's lyrics to the melody of our national anthem" ("Purple Rain Dogs," 4/30/08). Well, yeah...except that Leon Russell recorded the first verse of "Masters of War" to the melody of "The Star Spangled Banner" in January 1970. Been there, done that.

Mark Browning Milner Minneapolis

Polka lover calls us "sassy"

I always look forward to your Best Of issue (4/23/08). This year I missed the best cable access program category. Call your local access station, and you will be told that the most requested cable access program is Polka Spotlight. (You gave us the Best Of in this category years ago). I suspect that the show's demographic audience is too old to appeal to most of your general readers, so you left us out this year. I feel slighted, but still read, and love your paper. It's sassy!

Bev Rambough Robbinsdale