Letters to the Editor

Atmosphere's 'Strictly Leakage'

You get what you pay for

Your recent scathing review of Atmosphere's free download was unnecessarily harsh (CD review, 1/16/08). Stale, really? Are we supposed to listen to the latest Akon "hit" and feel moved? I don't think this album is above and beyond what we've come to expect of Atmosphere and Rhymesayers, but I still enjoyed it immensely. The fact that it is available for free downloading speaks volumes to their integrity and it's clear they aren't in it for the money. That is, if money is still something to be gotten from this broken and greedy industry. I'm proud to know this standout hip-hop duo hails from my hometown.

Melissa Voss Minneapolis

All of the above

As I wrap gifts for my wife's birthday, I find myself enjoying this extremely enjoyable, extremely free new Atmosphere CD. The fact that you people hated on it befuddles me and leads me to believe that City Pages hating on Minnesota musicians:

A) gets you off

B) incites readers, creates response (like mine), and thus increases readership

C) relieves, if only temporarily, the aching pain caused by the large broomstick in your derrière

D) proves you find free and enjoyable entertainment to be a "space waster" (i.e., all those City Pages stands that could be holding Modern Drunkard).

Okay, so the album isn't Radiohead's In Rainbows, but it is just as amazingly free, and Atmosphere are a far cry from being as wealthy as those Brits, so I say: Thank you, Atmosphere, for the free, enjoyable album. I would've gladly paid for it, but you just made my day, and I think I'm going to take the money I saved and buy a music magazine I can really trust, like Rolling Stone.

Joe Adams St. Paul

Your reviewer rides the short bus

The new Strictly Leakage album from Atmosphere is fucking dope, and Jordan Selbo is obviously a retard. I wouldn't let that dude review any more music unless it's country or something he knows about. Don't judge Atmosphere for growing and doing something different, don't put them in a box. Jordan Selbo is a fucking loser. Thanks.

Robert Zimmerman Minneapolis

Legacy of brutality

I actually saw Mr. Browne's recommendations, which involved a complete overhaul of the department ("Civil Disobedience," 1/23/08). Part of it would have meant restructuring who made final decisions when it came to police complaints, basically taking it out of the hands of the police chief and allowing the department to make recommendations on discipline. So it is no surprise that R.T. Rybak would not have appointed Mr. Browne. This would expose all of the indiscretions of the mayor's office and the Minneapolis PD. The Minneapolis City Council was to act on the recommendations also and form a committee to follow-up. Clearly that never happened. And then you wonder why the officers are suing the city and the police chief.

Lesli Breedlove-O'Daniels Minneapolis

Truckasaurus and the damage done

I read Ben Palosaari's lesson on the globalization and mainstream acceptance of monster trucks, and was reminded of all I need to know about monster trucks and their fans (A-List, 1/16/08). In St. Paul a few years back, a monster-truck fan got so inspired by a rally at the Dome that he drove over and shattered almost a dozen young trees that had been planted in the grass islands of a parking lot in a city park near the river. The river parks are a popular destination for amateur off-road enthusiasts who feel the need to go smash things.

I love watching the scene that follows monster truck rallies as everyone hops in their vehicles all fired up after the show only to get totally gridlocked in traffic as they work their way out of the city and back to the suburbs. All that testosterone and nowhere to go.

Al Myer St. Paul

Did CP snitch on Lil' Wayne?

One can't help but wonder if the story your reporter wrote—glorifying the pungency of Lil' Wayne's weed (or as they say in my neighborhood, snitchin')—might have been a factor in getting Lil' Wayne busted.

Heather Tarnowski Minneapolis

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