Letters to the Editor

What readers of Citypages.com and Fark.com are saying about last week's feature, Superheroes in Real Life:


I think the best way to cure these people would be for us to found a League of Doom. We track down these heroes and administer wedgies, swirlies, and vicious taunting with extreme prejudice.

Posted by: kid icarus

I'm a real-life evil genius, so I would really be getting a kick out of these comments...if I wasn't busy building a nefarious squirrel-powered contraption that will very slowly lower my do-gooder enemies into a large vat of boiling oil. Of course, I won't be in the room to watch my brilliant plan come to fruition. Nor will I leave any armed guards in the room to ensure that my plan does not go astray. Because that's the way us evil madmen roll.

Posted by: magores

It kinda sounds like helping people is a side effect of their superhero personas. But whatever, if they're doing what they think is right, then good for them. I still reserve the "hero" term for people who do good without needing costumes and media attention, but that's just me.

Posted by: desolationrow

Get a good look at these guys, 'cause they'll be dead soon. Mark my words! They'll be cruising along just fine, helping kids get kittens out of trees, helping old ladies across the street. And then one day they'll meet their match, in such nefarious ne'er-do-wells as Captain Crip and Baron Blood, the Gruesome Glock, Sister Switchblade, or Man Carrying Board with Nail in It. I always side with the All-Powerful Dr. Darwin, whichever side he falls on. And I think it's pretty clear on this one.

Posted by: texanb4

An excerpt from the new Geist comic book: As Geist opened the You Betcha Mobile after breaking down on the side of a frost-covered road in rural Minnesota, he could only hope that he put on his insulated underwear underneath his spandex today. The temperature was -10 and Geist was a little worried. Meanwhile, everyone who had driven by either gave him the finger or laughed at his silly costume. How he got here he did not know. He was answering the call of duty when the evil Geek Squad took advantage of another old lady in Mankato. The Geek Squad had been Geist's archenemy since he was banned from Best Buy...

Posted by: lurkerslaire

All jokes aside, these people are absolutely great. They're having fun and helping their community at the same time. Plus, they're showing that volunteer work doesn't have to be boring (or court-ordered). I'm sure the children at these shelters get a really big kick out of seeing a real-life superhero.

Posted by: Ghastly

You might think they look a little goofy, but if you ever need help or assistance and they were there, you probably would care. I read the first one and the guy has donated his time, money, and food to the needy. Plus, he gives poor kids who don't have much inspiration to actually look up to a good role model. I hope he will always continue to make his community a better place for people. It is not he who is bad for society, it is you who mock him.

Posted by: RockyMtnMan

I thought long and hard trying to figure out why someone who has no nemesis or other enemies at large would need to hide their identity. Then I realized: to protect their families from the shame of knowing that their husband/wife is pretending to be a vigilante.

Posted by: NathanAllen

Next time, if there is one, try to include someone expressly involved with the more "paranormal" aspect of the Real-Life Superhero movement—such as myself, Ragensi, or Entomo. There are "Reals" who do have "superpowers," if you will...they're just not as flashy as the ones in comic books. These heroes, such as those in the Oracle Team (headed by Tothian) use their "paranormal" abilities to locate missing people, predict coming events, find criminals, and even do some hero work for the "other side," helping lost souls or banishing dark spirits. Take it seriously—it's more real than you'd think.

Posted by: Foxfire

With all of the important news stories happening locally (and the many that are ignored by the Strib due to lack of reporters), you run something that borders on fanboy entertainment on your cover? Give them bread and circuses indeed...

Posted by: Alan

Ward, I thought that you did an awesome job with the article and Nick did a fantastic job with the photos. It was so fun to work with you guys. I also think that the article is comprehensive, balancing the lighthearted thrills of charitable acts with the real and potential danger of seeking out crime. To me, it paints the true picture, while still having fun and keeping the reader interested. And the online content is a blast! I take it that Alan already knows all there is to know about Real-Life Superheroes, so that if we come running to his rescue, he'll recognize who's there to help him. Geist out.

Posted by: Geist

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