Letters to the Editor


The pleasures of reading Best Of

I recently was in the metro area and picked up one of your magazines at a local shop. I found one of the articles quite humorous and found myself reading the issue from cover to cover. The article that captured my interest in particular was about Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek ("Best Self-Promoter," 4/23/08). What intrigued me so much was the first sentence: "What would you do with a spare $30,000 of public money?" And the answer: "produce a masturbatory 26 minute film...." This is where the traveling silence in our car burst into sounds of laughter. It was the choice of words used: "masturbatory." Yes, there is that old archived definition of self-indulgence; however, that is not the commonplace

usage of the word, nor the root meaning. Yep, that must be what Mr. Stanek does with a spare $30,000 of public money...makes porn. It was these simple sentences that kept me reading on and on. I do believe this is one of those articles that David Letterman would enjoy. Nonetheless, you did your job, and the articles, advertisements, etc. were all read. Kudos.

K. Macki Via Email

Bad boy's girlfriend corrects the record

Usually I laugh at and ignore the legendary tale recounted in your Best Of, but since a co-worker of mine found it and forwarded it around, I thought I'd write in ("Best Local Boy Gone Bad," 4/23/08). Do intelligent people honestly think that had my ex somehow been magically unaware that I had moved out ages earlier, gotten my own broken-into ghetto apartment, and started seeing other people, that I'd have let Angela use my name in her City Paper article? The story is pretty bad-ass the way it's told in the Best Bad Boy, but c'mon. Thanks for calling me cute, though.

Ally Kearney New York, New York

TV's Carlson best in more ways than one

Thank you for the kind words about my husband, Bill Carlson ("Best TV Newscaster," 4/23/08). He was the best—the best interviewer, the best friend, the best father, the best husband—and the finest person I've ever known. He was ever kind, decent, and compassionate; living with Billy and loving him for nearly 38 years spoils one for the rest of the world. I appreciate your understanding of how truly good he was at what he did; he loved doing it so very much. Billy would have been pleased, and a little embarrassed. Thank you, thank you so much. By the way, Billy would agree with your readers about Don Shelby. He held Don in high regard, and considered him a dear, dear friend.

Nancy Nelson Eden Prairie

I-94's additional lanes: Silver lining or a curse?

According to the unidentified writer of a tidbit in the "Best of the Twin Cities" issue, the additional lanes on I-94 are the "Best Silver Lining to the 35W Bridge Collapse." After the rusted, worn-out bridge collapsed, MnDOT immediately shuffled millions of dollars into the platinum-lined pockets of its road-construction friends. Anyone who drives during rush hour where the shoulders were taken out and the lanes were added knows that MnDOT's gift to the road construction industry did not make travel safer or easier. The expansion of bottlenecks and the removal of shoulders used for emergency stops and rush hour express bus service was not an improvement. You need only to listen to the daily reports of multiple rush hour crashes to know that MnDOT's effort to pave the way out of traffic congestion is an extremely expensive and hazardous exercise in futility.

Sheldon Gitis St. Paul

No love for roller girls?

I am currently enjoying this year's big, glossy Best of the Twin Cities, but I am writing to ask if for next year we could finally get a nod to Best Minnesota Roller Girl. The team will be in its fifth season next year, attendance is through the roof, the games are being broadcast live on ESPN, and the league has an enormously enthusiastic—I daresay rabid—fan base. No offense, but I think more people are likely to have an opinion on Minnesota's best derby diva than they are on any particular horse trainer or lacrosse player. So, can we finally give the hardworking women of the MNRG the respect and accolades they deserve?

Lauren DeLand Minneapolis

Damning with faint praise

So Mesa Pizza (your pick for Best Pizza) is quote, "not too bad" and "pretty good." That doesn't sound like the "Best Pizza" to me. In fact, those comments would be an insult to the owners of LaTuff's, Duffy's Dinkytown Pizza, or Red's Savoy.

Pat Duffy Minneapolis

Correction: In our Best Of issue, we erroneously reported that the 5-8 Club grinds their own beef and toasts their own buns. In fact, they serve USDA Choice Beef on fresh bakery-baked buns.