Letters to the Editor


Singing a new tune

Sorry—do I have this right? "Listener supported" 89.3 is worried about Arbitron ratings ("Shrink Your Playlist," 3/26/08)? Why? I thought the whole point of this exercise was to provide a service that wouldn't be available commercially. What are they afraid of—is the station too good? The big advance blurb was that the Current was to be "like your own record collection," and play all kinds of eclectic things. Now, if that's not the point, if they're doing business and selling a product, they'd need all those expensive consultants and stuff. But MPR would never do that, would they?

Willie McManus Hudson, Wisconsin

Bachmann burner overdrive

Granted, Michele Bachmann is an easy target. But do we really need a piece on her nearly every week ("Virginia Is the New Saudi Arabia," 4/2/08)? Yeah, we get it. She's a dumb Republican. Great! Now let's move on to something that actually matters.

Heather Tarnowski Minneapolis

The business of being born

When I read Sarah Dosdall's letter to the editor, "Why I Gave Up My Baby (3/26/08)," I felt so much appreciation toward her for her situation and for sending in her story. What an amazing, strong person she must be. I, like Sarah, felt awful when I read Stacy and Ty Mooney's adoption story ("Gone Baby Gone," 3/12/08). I couldn't get it out of my mind for days after reading it and almost wished I hadn't read it. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for ten years, first through infertility treatments and for the last three years through adoption. We have had three adoption plans that we have been really excited about. Each time we have had our bags packed to go to the hospital with the hopes of finally starting a family in a matter of days. Each time we have instead received a phone call informing us the baby was already born and they would not be going forward with an adoption plan. We are very sympathetic to how difficult it must be to carry out an adoption plan and would never want to go through with an adoption where the birthmother and/or birthfather felt deep regret over choosing adoption. We know that sometimes it is not meant to be, but we hope we are lucky enough to meet someone like Sarah one day soon.

Julie Bacigalupo Elk River

The Kreskin of food writing

I don't know what sort of bizarre mind-reading technology James Norton is using, but he's pretty much nailed my taste in food. Almost all of his recommendations have either been little-known gems that I already love (Marla's, Patrick's, Qoraxlow) or ones I wished I'd been going to for years (T's Place, Hyderabad House). His column is a brilliant idea: concise, unpretentious writing on cheap but yummy restaurants. Excellent! Give this guy more space and have him get to more restaurants. If he keeps this up, I can completely stop making dinner and still stay solvent.

Andrea Kiepe Jacob Minneapolis

He's no war hero

I wonder if your reporter took the time to read any of the "victim impact" statements given to the judge at Tony Klecker's first sentencing ("Crime and PTSD," 3/26/08). She would have found the majority supported treatment with respect for Tony's military service, as did the judge. The girl killed had a name: Deanna. She had a family, friends, and a life really just beginning. I can tell you that we remember well the carnage that Tony caused on 494 on October 28 because he drank and got behind the wheel. He doesn't remember because he drank so much. We know that he moved over to the passenger seat to look as if he wasn't the driver. We know that he refused the cab that was offered minutes before the accident. We also know that Deanna suffered. All that was asked of Tony is that he take responsibility for his actions and be humble enough to be sorry enough to change his behavior.

Annette Monn St. Paul Park

Think of the victim

Klecker made his own choices. A 16-year-old, lovely, young girl did also—responsibly. She is dead, because of Klecker's choices. And with this article, this family is still being victimized—almost two years later—while Klecker's self-pity party drags on. Who is thinking of this dead girl's family?

Jocelyn Baker, victim advocate, MADD Dakota County St. Paul

U.S. soldiers are "murderers"

We don't care about these murderers ("Soldier Suicides," 3/26/08)! Ever hear of Iraqis getting murdered by your men and women in uniform? At least these pukes kill themselves. Will U.S. journalists ever learn anything about history? 

Guenter Monkowski Holualoa, Hawaii