Letters to the Editor

The Devil in Diablo Cody

It is clear from both Robert Wilonsky's fawning review of Juno and from City Pages' recent puff piece on Diablo Cody that City Pages has swallowed Juno's fundamentally conservative message hook, line, and sinker ("Running with Diablo," 12/26). That a woman who has never been pregnant could find unwanted teenage pregnancy to be just so much grist for the gross-out comedy mill (or, if you follow Wilonsky's spin, to be fodder for an oh-so-touching tale of "personal responsibility") is hardly surprising, especially from a post-feminist poseur such as Cody. But I found it surprising that no one at City Pages apparently saw a conflict of interest in running even a review of a film written by a former employee of the paper, much less in printing a piece of celebrity-gossip garbage like the past week's cover story. City Pages has run some very penetrating stories with wide-ranging impact this year—you all can do much better. Besides, if there is a single person in this state who is not utterly sick of hearing about Diablo Cody (besides Diablo Cody), let them stand up and be counted.

Lauren DeLand Minneapolis

Beware of falling rock

I am very displeased with the Rock Atlas that was placed in your December 19 edition of the paper. City Pages placed almost all of the rock clubs throughout the Twin Cities. Also included were clubs/venues from Cannon Falls, Mankato, and Chanhassen. I am very insulted that the Rock of all clubs would not appear in the Twin Cities Rock Atlas. I understand that most of these clubs are in St. Paul and Minneapolis, and others are very large venues, but why would a paper that we have been advertising in for years place a page in their paper and leave out other clubs? You are basically telling your audience that if you want to see rock you must go downtown. We are one of the largest rock clubs in the state and cannot understand why City Pages would choose to highlight only some of their advertisers in a section where others should appear. Please let me know if next week will be the Suburbs Rock Atlas. I am not going to count on it, though. It's kind of like the "Minneapolis" A-List.

Brian Bauman, general manager, the Rock Nightclub Maplewood

Two thumbs down

You got to be kidding me. Who writes this crap ("Hit List: The Top Movies of 2007," 12/26)? Are you so b-side that you cannot possibly mention a film unless it is both completely unknown to anyone reading the paper and also so desperately second-rate no cinema would show it? If you don't want to pick the obvious iPhone choice, that doesn't mean you have to turn around and say, "Zune is clearly the best tech device of the century." Get some critical ability, some taste, and while you're at it, get some decent new writers who know something about what they speak. You've fallen to new lows and it is clear to anyone reading your paper.

Richard Prince St. Paul

Santa's Southern Comfort

Admittedly, over the years, City Pages has treated me surprisingly rather well—several feature pieces, dozens of A-Lists, as well as intelligent and positive CD reviews—so I hate to hit the beehive with a shovel. But hell's bells, since when did CP sanction the "Letters to the Editor" section as a forum for Pearl Harbor-esque personal attacks? And then withhold the author's name?! I'm referring to the lead letter ripping Amy Buchanan for using profanity while raising a thousand dollars for Minneapolis children in need. Okay, so the charities took offense that they weren't in the loop and the benefit had a flippant moniker: Amy's bad. Le Cirque Rouge and others put on a wonderful show to help kids at Christmastime: Amy's good. But no good deed goes unpunished. So there is a little cursing and scantily clad artists—I say, "Cash the fucking check." By the way, I was the bad Santa hoisting the Southern Comfort bottle full of iced tea and proud to give my time, my spirit, and my talent to and for kids hurting here in Minneapolis.

John Eric Thiese Minneapolis

Clarification: Jenny Woods responds to Peter Scholtes's proposal in his Artist of the Year piece: Yes!

Clarification: The picture used to illustrate the Ernest A. Bryant III blurb ("Artists of the Year," 1/2/08) should have been credited to photographer Rik Sferra.

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