Letters to the Editor

Because the pope said so

I'm not sure if your inaccurate depiction of Archbishop Nienstedt (Blotter, 12/12/07)—ridiculous Photoshop illustration aside—was intentional or due to ignorance, but I want to set the record straight (no pun intended). By cherry-picking a quote out of context you imply that the church opposes homosexuality simply because it is too stubborn or discriminatory to change. While this may pander to the sentiments of many of your readers, this couldn't be further from the truth. The Catholic Church calls on everyone to treat homosexual persons with respect and compassion, but it can never condone or be accepting of the homosexual act and/or lifestyle (Cathechism of the Catholic Church, 2357-2359). The good archbishop has addressed this topic on numerous occasions and has clearly and compassionately stated the church's position. Sadly, nothing of his printed response spoke to that reasoning for the church's opposition and instead paints the church as a homophobic institution that refuses to take its head out of the sand. The archbishop is correct to say that homosexual acts are a "grave evil," but so is premarital (heterosexual) sex, adultery, masturbation, viewing pornography, abortion, and even yes, missing Mass on Sunday. The church's position has nothing to do with "the way it has been for centuries" and everything to do with sin. For you to mislead your readers by suggesting otherwise is at worst, dishonest and at best, lazy journalism.

Robert Zimmerman  Minneapolis

Blood on the ice

In your story on the use of the Parade Ice Garden ("Hockey Fight," 12/19/07) it was not clear if Lynn Klobuchar was angry at Totino-Grace from Fridley for utilizing an underutilized Minneapolis facility, angry at the Park Board administration for their decisions to ensure Parade Ice Garden was financially solvent, angry at the city of Minneapolis for its failed school system which has students flocking to suburban schools, or if Ms. Klobuchar is just...angry!

L.A. Ellis Shoreview

It's not easy being black in the Twin Cities

I totally disagree with the statement that C. Brown wrote (Letter responding to "Shopping While Black," 12/05/07). What's wrong with passing an item to see whom it will look best on? Until you have been a minority consumer you will never know the feeling of a clerk following around before you can look at something, being ignored because they don't believe you will spend money, and having items snatched out of your hand because they don't believe you can afford the item. It is not easy being a black consumer in the Twin Cities because sales clerks are misled that all blacks steal.

Lesli Breedlove-O'Daniels Minneapolis

Poor choice of words

Two points to consider when evaluating Amy Buchannan's comments regarding the Le Cirque Rouge Christmas benefit ("Help Unwanted," 12/19/07).

1) Amy claims to have been in and out of the music business for 20 years, yet she has no idea that she might need an organization's permission to use their name in promotional materials?

2) Using the phrase "fucked-up parents" to promote a "benefit" for organizations aiding abused children shows that her IQ is actually smaller than her shoe size.

Rick Myers St. Louis Park

Leave Amy Alone!

Giving ink to people so they can berate people's parenting skills is almost as bad as giving too much ink to a former staffer for her screenplay (Letters, 12/26/07). Oops. What on Earth is the big deal, anyway? People aren't going to go to an event if they don't know about it, and they certainly aren't going to notice one with a marginalized advertising campaign. Leave it to someone in this city to complain about a gift, then have a blowhard jump on the bandwagon and stick her two cents in.

David Gayman Minneapolis

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