Let's watch the State Department teach how to speak 'Minnesotan'


According to this image, some bastard tried jumping the line during communion at the Basilica of Saint Mary. US State Department Facebook

Can't be easy to work at the U.S. State Department these days. 

One imagines almost every single meeting is interrupted by someone looking down at their phone and going: "He tweeted WHAT?"

Perhaps in light of the thorny state of international affairs, the State Department's apparently turning inward, in an apparent attempt to help Americans deepen diplomatic ties with another nation. Specifically, Minnesotans.

This video featuring Minnesota ex-pats who work for the State Department is supposed to teach viewers "a few helpful phrases" in the Minnesota "dialect." As with all things like this, it will inevitably teach them a thing or two about our widely heralded passive aggressive nature.

Thus, "Well, that's different" becomes "I disagree with you," and "A fella could take those steaks off the grill pretty quick..." becomes "You are seconds away from destroying dinner."

And if you don't talk like this -- in either accent or diction -- you're going to have to start, because this is the way your government has officially represented you to the world. If you bump into newly elected South African President Cyril Ramaphosa at the YWCA, or start a steamy love affair with German Foreign Affairs Minister Sigmar Gabriel, you must talk to them like this. Treaties are riding on it!

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