Let's Watch Sad Packers Fans Trying to Process Sunday's Heartbreaking Loss

So much sadness

So much sadness

It's been two days since the Packers' incredible collapse against the Seahawks and it still doesn't feel real: the fake field goal, the successful onside kick, the too-easy Marshawn Lynch touchdown run, the Hail Mary two-point conversion and ruthless, teardrop Russell Wilson bomb to win it all. For about an hour on Sunday afternoon it was one dagger after another, leaving Packer fans either full of blinding rage or numb and shell-shocked, unable to process what just happened.

As Vikings fans, it's oddly cathartic to watch Packers fans struggling with the searing disappointment of a brutal playoff loss. Remember, sports are dumb and will break your heart more often than not.

Here are five videos of Packers fans dealing with Sunday's loss:

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Paralyzed By Infinite Sadness

How long did those two stay there, frozen in shock? Did they make it to work yesterday? If you know them, please check in.

Fighting Back Tears in Hooters

"Don't be mean!"

Faces of Despair at Titletown Brewery

The fans who agreed to on-camera interviews put on a brave, upbeat face, but don't be fooled. The man in the closing shot says it all.

Panic as the Game Slips Away (NSFW language)


Five-Minute Timelapse

Building a pillow fort to help absorb stress during the game's final minutes is a pretty great idea, but with a loss this bad you're bound for the floor.

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