Let's talk about Kirk Cousins's... look



Kirk Cousins might be a normie religious guy, but make no mistake: The Minnesota Vikings quarterback is a weird dude.

In the past, the NFL's 58th best player has intrigued and vexed onlookers with his tube of death rocks and grilled mystery wads. Debate swirls around the horniness or non-horniness of his catch phase. And, now, we have another off-the-field Cousins peculiarity to explore: Is this sandal look OK?

As general rule, we know wearing socks with sandals is a cardinal sin among even the borderline fashion-literate. To then subvert that look with thong sandals, their plastic straps ripping between the toes, bunching the socks to unholy affect... Should Cousins be put in jail? 


Is the 31-year-old QB committing a subversive act of anti-fashion, a sort of post-modern statement about the arbitrary banality of what constitutes "good" taste? Possibly. Even if it's less deliberate, and Cousins simply doesn't give two shits about his footwear, there's a punk-rock authenticity about that. In fact, if we're to believe Vogue, wearing socks with sandals is on freaking trend

So it's agreed: Kirk is a fashion icon, a sock-loving king who demands our stanning. 

Anything else about this photo jump out? Any other visual elements worthy of discussion or debate? No? Nothing popping into your mind? Alright, case closed.

Cousins and other Vikings veterans reported for training camp Tuesday morning. On Monday, head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman — who also serves as the team's COVID-19 infection control officer — tested positive for the virus; free agency prize Michael Pierce — the 27-year-old defensive tackle who signed a three year, $27 million contact in March — just opted out of the season due to coronavirus concerns. Something tells us players will be spending more time in sandals than cleats this fall.