Let's please stop killing people this way [VIDEO]

Minneapolis Police officers shot and killed Travis Jordan, 36, for some reason.

Minneapolis Police officers shot and killed Travis Jordan, 36, for some reason.

"Do what?" the Minneapolis Police Department officer asks.

The question comes in response to Travis Jordan's screamed prompt: "Let's do this!" and in hindsight, "Do what?" sure sounds like a challenge.

Jordan was holding a knife at the time, and standing at the door of his home. Earlier that day, he'd threatened to kill himself. He didn't wind up killing himself, but certainly seemed to want the cops to do it for him. They obliged, fulfilling a dark wish that police officers are often called upon for.

Suicide by cop is such a real phenomenon it's got its own Wikipedia page. The entry is long, and has lots of outbound links.

Neither Ryan Keyes nor James Walsh, Minneapolis cops, will be charged with a crime for their actions in this confrontation with Travis Jordan. That's according to a decision Thursday by Mike Freeman, whose Hennepin County Attorney office already has one killed-by-cops shooting on its docket, and who's had to make such decisions in the past.

That Freeman is fairly well practiced at explaining whether and why he's charging a cop for shooting a civilian should upset you, if it hasn't already.

The St. Paul Police Department has started embedding a social worker on some of its mental health calls. Five minutes into her new job, she was put upon to help on a 911 call, and talked the man down. Seems like she did a good job, if you ask us. 

Shouldn't Minneapolis cops be looking into something like that by now? 

"He's got a knife, dude," James Walsh tells his partner, on this body cam video, as both unstrap and produce their guns. Seconds go by before either cop asks Travis Jordan to put his knife down. It's a kitchen knife, a chef's knife, the kind found commonly in many American kitchens. 

Jordan, 36, had only a minor criminal record in this state: one DWI in 2013, and a driving with a revoked license a couple years later. He was suffering from mental illness and had suicidal thoughts, and had told his girlfriend he was going to kill himself.

Minneapolis Police obliged. 

"I do not want to do this," officer Walsh tells Jordan, who is, by that point, screaming "Fuck you!" and "Let's do this!" repeatedly. 

He got himself gunned down in his front yard. It seems like a bad way to die, but it was Jordan's preferred method, and he found a couple people who helped him do it.

WARNING: The below video is graphic and upsetting. So, at times, is life in America.