Let's bike like Europe

Let's bike like Europe

Amsterdam. Yes, plenty of mind-numbing pot, a red light district worth its weight in brownies and plenty of amazing coffee shops. Copenhagen, more of the same, only with more blonds. Together, their bike programs are like Batman and the Green Arrow, or Ace and Gary, or maybe like Minneapolis and Portland... if the two cities start aiming to get their infrastructure goals higher (heh).

This Wednesday the City of Minneapolis offers a free DIY event at City Hall for anyone hoping the Midwest can ape Northern Europe. The featured speaker is Jane Shey, a PhD student in Belgium and Tim Penny's former staff director.

About Jane:

She has reviewed several studies that identify key municipal policies, which indicate how several cities including Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Groningen, have become the "Gold Standard" in cycling.

The presentation includes pictures to show how bike accommodations are structured, including bicycle lanes, paths, and cycle tracks, as well as bike parking facilities at transit stations. It will also include information about the policy changes that were instituted, problems of cyclists (including bicycle theft), attitudes about safety, and funding schemes to improve cycling.


Wednesday, January 14th
4:30 to 5:30 pm
Minneapolis City Hall
350 S 5th Street
Room 319

As always, happy riding.

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