Let's all watch this video about a firefighting Minneapolis cat [VIDEO]

Old Minneapolis

Old Minneapolis

Loosen up your jaw. Try doing some mouth stretches, or something.

You're going to be saying "Awwww" a lot for a little while here.

Today we bring you a video courtesy of the very cool Old Minneapolis Facebook page.

Mickey was a cat who worked at a Minneapolis Fire Department station during the Great Depression.

Read that sentence again. 

The newsreel-style clip, replete with old-timey music and a wholesome-sounding voiceover man, explains that Mickey and "the boys" spent their downtime at the fire station playing dominoes. Mickey plays a passive role in this clip, but we bet those paws could mess a game up in a hurry if someone tried cheating.

The video purports to capture the moment the alarm goes off at Station 10, which Old Minneapolis informs us was located in downtown Minneapolis, on N. 4th Street between Hennepin Avenue and First Avenue, through 2001. When the firefighters hear the bell, they bolt up from their dominoes game, race out of the room, and slide down the fireman's pole down to the ground level. 

Let's pause here for a moment. We want you to be ready for this. 

Mickey takes the fire pole, too. 

Mickey rides to the fires with the station chief, perched on the back of the passenger seat, and appears to be meowing in an attempt to alert anyone not properly alarmed by the emergency siren.  What a good boy!  

"Say," says voiceover man, "where's your hat?"

Mickey has a hat. He wears a fireman's hat. Then he blinks. 

This is a damn fine cat. Please share videos of other notable firefighting Minneapolis cats in the comments.