Let's all enjoy these very good Stefon Diggs memes


Did Prince's ghost help Stefon Diggs get clear for that touchdown? You can't prove he didn't! Twitter: @mcguirereports

Does it feel real yet, Vikings fans?

Have you watched the catch 15 times? Or 50? Is Joe Buck's play call running on a loop in your head? How about Paul Allen's, from the radio? Did you drunkenly order a Stefon Diggs jersey late last night? Did you order it to replace the Stefon Diggs jersey you mindlessly ripped apart while he ran down the sidelines?

It's the Minnesota Miracle, baby. Easily one of the best plays in NFL history. So of course, it's spawned a whole bunch of Very Good Memes. Let's all enjoy them together. If we've missed any, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Oh, also: #SKOL.



I love the internet.

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