Let the kids drink booze, national youth rights group says


Wisconsin is considering a change in their alcohol consumption laws to restrict anyone under 18 from drinking in the bars. Currently kids of any age can drink in a bar if they are with a parent and the bartender is willing to serve them. The new law would make 18 the minimum age to do so.

But a national youth rights group is fighting for a kid's right to get boozed up in public. Fight the power, kiddos! Stop lawmakers from taking away your right to get wild with your alcoholic parents.

The National Youth Rights Association director Alex Koroknay-Palicz argues that the law should stay the way it is. Children knocking back a cold brew is a family matter.

Wait, even when a father tries to buy a drink for his 2- and 4-year-old kids? For real? Let's get serious for a second. What group that represents youth thinks that is a good policy?

NYRA says it's just safer to let kids try alcohol with their parents, rather than drinking behind their back. There's nothing worse than finding your 5-year-old doing shot-skis with their new kindergarten friends. Teach them how to do it in the bar where you can make sure they have their skill down. Kids also get a real kick out of flip cup. They develop some great eye-hand coordination in the process.