Let really old Minn. Grandmas fish for free

Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Let really old Minn. Grandmas fish for free

One 91-year-old grandma is pushing legislation in the Minnesota Senate that would allow her and all the other really old people (90 and up) fish for free in the state. The bill would cost about $16,000 a year. Adult fishing licenses only cost $17 a year. What else should we let our 90+ population do for free?

Teen accused of nursing home abuse makes court appearance today

The 19-year-old who is accused of sexually and psychologically abused nursing home residents will make an appearance today in court. She is one of two young women facing charges in the case that involves incidents from 2008.

Homeowners near the frequently flooded Red River don't bother to get insurance

They might live just a half block from the Red River, which is known to flood every year to some degree, but most homeowners in the Fargo/Moorhead area would rather not pay for flood insurance. Fewer than 800 have insurance for flood damage, which costs $800 a year. The states have been warning them since 1997 to purchase a policy, but no one is listening. Will they be this stubborn again? Probably.

See ya Northwest signage

Delta Air Lines is slowly taking over the Northwest parts of Lindbergh terminal as the two airlines merge. Most of the Northwest signage will disappear from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport in the next week at ticketing and baggage claim stations. Hopefully all Northwest passengers read the news so there isn't mass confusion during all of this.

Girls-only gym time lets Somali teens shoot hoops

There's no need for religious modesty when Brian Coyle Community Center locks the doors and makes their gym girls only. The specific gym time allows the girls to play basketball without headscarves and long skirts because the guys are locked out.