Let anarchy ring

Declaration of total chaos


Somalia's founding fathers wannabe founding fathers convene in...Nairobi


Everybody loves a constitutional convention. The wise men full of altruism and profound insights on human governance. The debates over the public good. The brawling with chairs and walking sticks.


In order to celebrate more than a decade of anarchy and statelessness, Somali clan elders have been meeting in neighboring Nairobi for more than six months now to create a new government. (Or should we just say, "a government," as there's no old one to replace?)


In October, an ad hoc parliament elected a president. At the beginning of the new year, the president named his cabinet, made up of clashing warlords and their partisans. One of the hang-ups at this juncture, according to a Los Angeles Times article, is that President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and Prime Minister Mohammed Ali Gedi are both afraid to return to Mogadishu without a massive international protection force.


If only these men had the foresight and integrity to designate part of the population as three-fifth's of a person?why then they'd enjoy all the wealth and stability of a real nation state.

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