Leslie Frazier's rationale for starting Christian Ponder this Sunday makes absolutely no sense

Frazier's ship is going down, yet he refuses to change captains. Ponder will start again Sunday.
Frazier's ship is going down, yet he refuses to change captains. Ponder will start again Sunday.

Stop us if you've heard this before: Christian Ponder was terrible last Sunday during an ugly Vikings loss, but he'll once again be the Purple's starting QB this weekend.

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That sequence of events is nothing new, but the explanation Frazier offered up for stubbornly standing by Ponder this time around was especially preposterous.

Here's what the embattled head coach of the 2-8 Vikings had to say about his decision during a news conference today:

In fact, Ponder was so bad in Green Bay last year that his performance prompted this classic postgame "fire everyone!" rant from KFAN's Paul Charchian. He completed 12 of 25 passes for 119 and threw two ghastly interceptions during the Vikings' 23-14 loss. On that December day, the Vikings' passing offense was so pathetic that they became just the eighth team since 1960 to have a running back run for 200 yards in a losing effort (Adrian Peterson had 210).

Ponder also got the start when the Vikings visited Green Bay during his rookie year back in 2011. During that November game, the Vikings were absolutely annihilated by a 45-7 score. Ponder completed 16 of 34 passes with an interception and as many touchdowns as the City Pages staff had.

In sum, to put it mildly, Leslie was speaking falsely when he said Christian has "had success at Lambeau."

Frazier also offered up this gem of a response today when he was basically asked which one of his pets $3-million-dollar-man Josh Freeman killed in order to get permanently banished to the bench:

So we're supposed to believe Freeman has "exceeded" whatever expectations Vikings officials had for him when they bizarrely signed him to a one year, $3-million contract last month -- yet despite Christian Ponder's oft-demonstrated terribleness, he can't get on the field?

We can't help but wonder whether Leslie's been dipping into Jerome Simpson's stash. Short-term memory loss is a side effect, after all.

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