Leslie Frazier: Let Brett Favre run naked [VIDEO]

Leslie Frazier: Not Brad Childress.

Leslie Frazier: Not Brad Childress.

Leslie Frazier has been on the job as Vikings head coach for what, about a week? And already he's cracking Brett Favre jokes.

Happily, he didn't mention Little Brett by name while being interviewed after Sunday's 17-13 victory over the Redskins, in which Favre goaded his creaky joints into one particular eyebrow-raising, 10-yard scramble to help seal the win.


Believe it or not, we were discussing what play [to run], and Brett said, hey, let's just run naked.

No let's not, OK? Let's just not.

And since the NFL may issue its findings on Favre's alleged sexts to Jenn Sterger as early as this week, we're also wondering whether Frazier may want to consider a short course in comic timing.

Still, the man is a breath of fresh air.