Leslie Frazier is the right man: Comment of the day

Leslie Frazier gets the job.

Leslie Frazier gets the job.

Steady Eddy Leslie Frazier inherited a 3-7 mess of a Vikings team from Brad Childress, and he closed out the season 3-3 as interim head coach.

When the Wilfs nixed the "interim" moniker and handed him the reins for real, we called him the right man in times gone wrong.

Don't stop there, "Chuck Norris" says.


Dire predictions for the Vikes from all sides. Get a QB. Get rid of Mckinnie. Get a D-back or two, and no Judd, a healthy Chris Cook is not the answer. That guy is just plain bad. Cut the dead weight. Shiancoe was on AM 1500 today talking about how guys that didn't need to sit with injuries sat out anyway, a-hem, Steve Hutchinson. What we really need is an attitude adjustment. I think the Wilfs have been fantastic as owners. They have spent spent spent, they have been patient with the State Legislature, and they have been perfectly willing to provide the tools necessary for our team to win. Their big mistake was leaving things in the incapable hands of Childress. Hopefully we can field a dynamic team in the future that can score, defend, put teams away and maybe finally be able to run a 2 minute drill. How hard can it be right?

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