Leroy Schaffer mailed himself a fake grenade

Schaffer mailed himself a grenade to get sympathy from the public.

Schaffer mailed himself a grenade to get sympathy from the public.

Yesterday, the same day he resigned from the St. Francis city council, Leroy Schaffer was cited for filing a false police report.

Schaffer, the councilman popular with voters but unpopular with the ladies, apparently drove to Chicago and mailed himself a fake grenade. When he called police about it last Friday, a cop came to Schaffer's house but didn't want to open the supposed explosive package.

When the cop asked why anyone would send him a bomb, Schaffer explained that he "was in politics and has a lot of enemies."


As was often the case during his time on the city council, it turned out that Schaffer was his own worst enemy.

When the cop didn't want to open the package -- probably because he thought it was a bomb -- Schaffer grabbed it and opened it himself, revealing a grenade with a hole in it. Schaffer also pulled out a note that read, "The next one will be real."

After the incident, Anoka County detectives asked if they could inspect his house, and he agreed. Inside, they found a sheet of address labels that read, "Paralyzed Veterans of America," which was an identical match to the label on the package.

When pressed, Schaffer admitted to police that he'd driven to Chicago and mailed the grenade to himself. He said he'd done it because he wanted sympathy from the public.

"There's a lot of people out there that want to kill me," Schaffer told the police. "That's why I sent it to myself."