Leonard Bernard Baker is second teen charged in James Teto Grant's death

The way his two accused teenage killers tell the story to police, James Teto Grant went to Theodore Wirth Park on July 10 of his own free will to be initiated into a gang. When he got there, he was instead beaten to death with a shovel. One of his legs was tied to a stolen car battery and he was dragged into Bassett Creek.

Kayakers found it eight days later.

Leonard Bernard Baker, 16, of Minneapolis, was arrested yesterday by Golden Valley police. Emmanuel Garmodhen Myles, a 16-year-old from Plymouth, was arrested on July 21. Both stand accused of intentionally aiding and abetting second-degree murder and unintentionally aiding and abetting second-degree murder. A 14-year-old has also been arrested but not yet charged -- he's the guy police say provided the shovel used in the attack.

The two teenagers told the cops that after they killed Grant, they ran from the park to the 14-year-old's home, and then talked a 24-year-old man to drive them to Home Depot so they could buy more shovels. The idea, they said, was to bury Grant in the park. They even dug him a shallow grave when they got back. But in the end they decided to tie him to the car battery and leave him in the creek, submerged.

Grant was a Liberian immigrant who had only been in the country a few years.

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