Lego plans brick-by-brick renaissance at Mall of America

The Lego Mall of America store is rebuilding
The Lego Mall of America store is rebuilding
Image courtesy of Mall of America

Despite what it may look like, the Lego store at the Mall of America hasn't fallen apart. It's just rebuilding.

The store/awesome free kiddie playground darkened its doors two weeks ago, leaving small children and adult nerds going into Lego withdrawal. The four story monument to plastic and primary colors has been stripped to the studs and hidden behind yellow slabs of sheet rock.

Gone is the world's largest animated Lego clock, the astronauts, the herd of dinosaurs, and the rest of its 90-odd square-jawed subjects.

But MOA's Erica Dao says a brand new Lego mothership is due to land before the holiday season, possibly as soon as November.

Dao would not reveal anything about the redesign, leaving devoted bricklayers with a shaky foundation.

"There's going to be different figurines. It's going to be awesome," was all she'd say.

After the Peanuts Gang-themed Camp Snoopy was subsumed by Nickleodeon's Spongebob Squarepants, we fear even more drastic pop-culture update.

A Twilight Lego Team Edward and Team Jacob, maybe? That would be dark.

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