Legislature goes home with no budget

Under the Capitol dome, no budget.

Under the Capitol dome, no budget.

Republicans controlling the Legislature had five months to craft a bipartisan budget suitable for DFL Gov. Mark Dayton's signature, and they failed.

Now lawmakers have to come back for a special session that will either produce a budget to fund K-12 education, transportation, health and human services and the like, or bring about a state government shutdown.

If we're lucky, they may even pass a Vikings stadium deal.


But lawmakers got the really important stuff done: They passed a 2012 ballot question that seeks to enshrine a gay marriage ban in the state constitution -- in a state that already bans gay marriage.

They also managed to pass a redistricting bill that was promptly vetoed by the governor. And they got Dayton to sign off on a few bills, too: The ag budget, a revamped environmental permitting process, and new pathways for would-be teachers to get licensed.

Meanwhile, we still have $5 million budget shortfall. Unless there's a deal in place by June 30, the government shuts down.

Way to go, Legislature.