Lebowski Fest heading to Minneapolis

Lebowski Fest heading to Minneapolis
Photo by El Caganer

Good news for crazed Big Lebowski fans: The well-known Lebowski Fest started in Louisville, Kentucky will pay a visit to Minneapolis sometime this year.

So grab your Jesus Quintana hairnet and prepare to get your dude on. Just don't let your fingers get stuck in your bowling ball.

Lebowski Fest announced their 2009 tour with a mention of a Minneapolis stop. No date released yet. The annual fest celebrates the cult stoner film by hometown heroes The Coen Brothers.

Other cities on the North American tour include Los Angeles, Louisville, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Austin, Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York, and maybe others.

To hold you over, here's some Big Lebowski magic:

And an interview with the Lebowski Fest creators.

(via Decider Twin Cities)

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