Learn to write the Kathy Kersten way!

We join our story already in progress:

... The uber-class culture that has spawned a legion of pompous, witless conservative op-ed writers is relatively new. It didn't exist in this form in the 1870s, for example, when the rapacity and plunder of robber barons was much more widespread. What has changed?

For one thing, the 1980s "right-wing think tank revolution" happened. Some of America's most privileged citizens led it -- intellectuals, lawyers and assorted other toadies on the make. They hired and trained scores of gasbags to urge Americans to shake off the shackles of "bourgeois" guilt, decency, and fair play -- the very qualities that had helped generations rise from poverty to the middle class.

The '80s revolution was about political and financial "liberation" of the most privileged elements. The widening income gap? "Trivial and benign." (Or so said Powerline twin John Hinderaker nearly a decade ago.) Equal opportunity under the law? "Unfettered capital will set everything right." Truth? "It's all relative to the aims of power."...

But why listen to me go on when you can read the original, the one, the only?

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