Leah Graeber goes off meds, kills a boy in a car crash and pines for Chris Brown

Chris Brown is not living in Plymouth with a roommate, we're pretty sure.
Chris Brown is not living in Plymouth with a roommate, we're pretty sure.

This story keeps getting more sad.

Last month Leah Graeber's car jumped a median in Burnsville and slammed into an oncoming SUV, killing 11-year-old Joey Balistreri and seriously injuring several members of his family. Police found a beer bottle and drug paraphernalia in her car, and thought intoxication might have been responsible. Now it looks like a bigger factor is Graeber's profound mental illness.

After being treated for several broken bones, Graeber has been staying in the psych ward at Hennepin County Medical Center, but she insists she isn't crazy.

She did, however, call WCCO before a recent court hearing to tell them that she believes that she is God. She also believes that she is moving in with noted pop star and domestic-abuser Chris Brown in Plymouth.

Maybe the worst part of Graeber's conversation with WCCO?

"Graeber said she felt blessed to be in the accident and knew that Balistreri was a very special boy."

Doctors testified that Graeber is seriously mentally ill, a situation not helped by her admitted refusal to take her prescribed medications.

Graber hasn't been charged in the incident. Police are still waiting for the results of a full toxicology screen.

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