Lawyer busted for cocaine possession in courthouse

When you are standing trial for murder (it happens to the best of us) you'd really hope your lawyer was taking the case seriously. This trial could lead to major jail time after all.

A defense lawyer in Winona took his job so seriously he kept himself jazzed up with a nice snort of cocaine, according to charges in the criminal complaint against him.

You'd think that lawyers would try to, we don't know, not break the law while standing in front of a judge? Maybe we are optimistic. 

So what led this lawyer, Charles Alan Ramsay, to be busted? A sniffly nose. It's always a true giveaway. 

More from the Duluth News Tribune:
According to the criminal complaint, a Winona, Minn., police investigator who was testifying in the murder trial saw Ramsay leave a courthouse bathroom about 1:20 p.m. Thursday during a court recess. The investigator, Jay Rasmussen, said he didn't hear the sound of a toilet flushing and that Ramsay was sniffing profusely and using his right thumb and index finger to pinch his nose repeatedly. He also saw the attorney wipe underneath his nose several times. 
Winona police evidence technician Angela Evans spotted a trace amount of a white powdery substance on a table and some speckles of the substance on the floor beneath the table in the conference room Ramsay had been sitting in minutes earlier. 
Winona Deputy Police Chief Tom Williams tested the white substance, which tested positive for the presence of cocaine.
He was charged Friday with third-degree and fifth-degree controlled-substance crimes for allegedly possessing a mixture weighing 3 grams or more containing cocaine. 

At least he tried to hide it, however poorly. Police found two clumps of a white substance and a white powdery substance in an orange plastic Mentos gum container and a contact lens case. Didn't he learn better places while hiding drugs in high school? Come on, now. 

Perhaps the most ironic part: his brother is Duluth's police chief.