Lawsuit: Owner of Buffalo company used slur to explain why he wouldn't hire black temp


A Minnesota company is being sued for the way it allegedly treated a black temporary worker and a full-timer who says she lost her job after she stood up for her discriminated-against colleague, according to a Star Tribune report.

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Myrna Peltonen, 42, worked as a production manager for Izza Bending Tube & Wire, a small industrial company based in Buffalo. She claims when she recommended to the company's owner, Scott Landgraf, that he should offer a full-time position to Randall Smith, a black temporary employee who had worked 500 hours for the company, Landgraf instead ordered her to tell Smith his services were no longer wanted and then dropped a racial slur for good measure.

[jump] In what may be the worst explanation for not hiring someone in the history of employment, Landgraf told Peltonen his company hadn't "had good luck with [N-words]," according to Peltonen's version of events.

Though she continued at Izza, Peltonen filed a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regarding Smith's treatment in January 2012.  She was fired shortly thereafter, bringing an end to her 14-month tenure.

As you'd expect, Smith, 34, later sued Izza and Creative Staffing Solutions, the temp agency that allegedly failed to stick up for him and stopped trying to place him following the incident. That lawsuit was settled back in January.

Peltonen's lawsuit, filed with the help of the EEOC, seeks back pay for her and the implementation of an anti-retaliation policy at Izza, the Strib reports.

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