Laura Loomer 'discovers' busloads of Muslims committing 'voter fraud' in Minnesota

These women voted in Minneapolis in 2016, and conservative commentator Laura Loomer fears they are still at large.

These women voted in Minneapolis in 2016, and conservative commentator Laura Loomer fears they are still at large. Billy Briggs

Laura Loomer is arguably the greatest investigative journalist/Twitter personality of our time. She dives into dangerous topics the mainstream media is afraid to touch, like Muslims, Sharia law, Alyssa Milano, more stuff about Muslims, and Muslims.

One of her favorite targets is the Deep State, in which a secret cabal of disgruntled federal workers conspire to behave disgruntledly. (It’s much scarier than it sounds.)

But Loomer may have now uncovered her greatest conspiracy of all: Massive voter fraud in Minnesota’s elections.

In a tweet yesterday, she brought her uncompromising microscope to the attorney general’s race, where Democrat (and Muslim!) Keith Ellison defeated Republican Doug Wardlow. This, as Loomer points out, could not have happened by accident.

She notes that Ellison won by roughly 100,000 votes. It just so happens that 50,000 of those votes came from Muslims. “The other 50,000 is most likely from voter fraud,” says Loomer.

Her evidence? Laura Loomer just said so on Twitter. That’s as real as it gets.

The revelation is a testament to Loomer’s sleuthing abilities. Since Minnesota doesn’t require voters to declare their religion, she no doubt unleashed hundreds of assistants across the state’s 87 counties, where they meticulously tallied the Muslim turnout.

And while fears of voter fraud have run rampant for years, no one’s ever been able to produce any evidence – including Donald Trump’s blue ribbon commission. But Loomer has – right under the nose of Minnesota election officials and the lamestream media. Many believe her coming expose will be bigger than Watergate and the first season of Dancing with the Stars combined.

This isn’t first time Loomer’s blown the lid off a story of this magnitude. She previously uncovered how ISIS had taken control of CNN, namely by yelling it at actors in Central Park. Her pioneering work also led to the uncloaking of Islamic influence among Uber and Lyft drivers. Both companies subsequently banned her from their services in futile attempts at damage control.

Last summer, she stalked Ellison at a picnic. The video shows Loomer repeatedly questioning Ellison about Amy Alexander, who accused the attorney general-elect of abuse. A disbelieving judge later granted Ellison a restraining order against Alexander, telling her not to repeat her claims, which just goes to show how far tentacles of the Deep State actually reach.

(Loomer was later awarded a Pulitzer in the Yelling on Camera category.)

In the meantime, Minnesotans wait with bated breath for the outcome of Loomer’s investigation. It’s not often that an investigative journalist with her own T-shirt and coffee cup merch sets her sights on our fair state.

But this time around, the villains behind the conspiracy have a reason to quake. They’re about to get #loomered.