Laura Ingalls Wilder worshipper running for Minneapolis mayor

Laura Ingalls Wilder worshipper running for Minneapolis mayor
Photo courtesy of Laura Ingalls Wilder Home Association

There's a new character throwing his hat in the ring to be the next Minneapolis mayor. And he thinks Laura Ingalls Wilder is God. We're not joking. Thank you Minnesota Independent for first reporting this.

John Charles Wilson says he is running for the city's top spot. He's running under the Edgertonite National Party, which he defines as the following:

"A non-traditional Communist party, based on the ideology of Lauraism: the belief that Laura Ingalls Wilder is God, Communism (public ownership of business) is the best form of government, age of consent laws should be repealed, public transit should be returned to the routes, fares, and schedules of 18 September 1970, the Nation of Edgerton should secede from the United States as a Lauraist homeland, and all people, including children, deserve as much personal liberty as possible consistent with public safety and the rights of others."

One of the main plans of this Edgertonite National Party is to "secure political independence for the people of the Midwestern United States and a homeland for the Lauraist religion". This space would span a 240-mile radius of Minneapolis to create the "Nation of Edgerton".

That's a whole lot of space for one dude. And we don't think you can call it a "party" if only one person shows up.

As you might expect, Wilson was a "political prisoner" in the 1980s at mental health institutions. His ideas are just too crazy for the rest of the population.

Well, maybe we will give this guy a shot. We were huge "Little House" fans as children after all. Does he have your vote?

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