Latrell Sprewell arrested in Wisconsin after he refused to stop blasting music

Sprewell was arrested on New Year's Eve at a house on Milwaukee's east side.
Sprewell was arrested on New Year's Eve at a house on Milwaukee's east side.

Latrell Sprewell closed out his NBA career as a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves in the spring of 2005. Months earlier, he infamously turned down a three-year, $21-million contract extension, citing concern it wouldn't be sufficient to feed his family.

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What he's been up to since then has been a bit of a mystery (other than losing two homes to foreclosure), but this much is now clear: If you're the type of person who enjoys peace and quiet, you don't want to live next to the man they call "Spree."

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Milwaukee native and former NBA star Latrell Sprewell was arrested for disorderly conduct Monday afternoon after police received repeated complaints about loud music coming from a house on E. Pleasant St. on Milwaukee's east side, according to jail records reviewed by the Journal Sentinel Tuesday.

Police would not release details of the incident other than to report that police had received two complaints within one hour Monday afternoon and had received several complaints of loud music from the residence in recent months.

Unfortunately, Spree's mugshot wasn't immediately available.

The disorderly conduct arrest is the latest in a string of negative headlines Latrell has generated since his playing days ended. In 2011, the Journal Sentinel named him Wisconsin's number one tax deadbeat, citing the fact he owed $3.5 million in income taxes.

Unfortunately, at 42, it's probably too late for Spree to attempt an NBA comeback. So in hindsight, we bet he wishes he would've signed that $21 million extension with the T-Wolves. Seems like should've been enough to buy his kids some Happy Meals, at least.

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