Last Year the Federal Government Took $41 Billion More Than It Gave to Minnesota

Minnesota got hosed on federal benefits last year

Minnesota got hosed on federal benefits last year

Minnesota paid out $85.9 billion dollars in federal taxes last year and received only $44.7 billion in federal benefits, according to the latest figures released by the National Priorities Project.

Data going back more than a decade shows this isn't a new phenomenon, but it's still jarring to realize the state pays almost double in federal taxes as it gets in federal benefits.

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The report notes Minnesota's poverty and employment rates are lower than the country's average and our median income of $61,611 is about $8,000 higher than the national average. In short, we don't need the assistance as much as other parts of the country does.

Last year Minnesotans paid $15,613 per person to the federal government, which is the second-highest rate in the country. Only Delaware pays more, and Wisconsin pays just over $7,000 per person.

Minnesota received an average of $1,785 per person in federal benefits, which include state government aid, personal aid, contracts to businesses in Minnesota, and wages collected by federal employees in the state.

Take a look at the maps below to see how we stack up against each state.