Last One to Leave, Turn Out the Lights

CITING HER "INEVITABLE departure," Kristin Henning last week announced that her final day as publisher of City Pages and its sister publications, Q Monthly and Minnesota Parent, will be November 21. "This is the beginning of a new era for City Pages," she told CP staff, "and I believe it's healthier for the paper, for staff, and for me if I'm not a part of the papers' future development and planning." Henning's departure follows that of Tom Bartel, the paper's Web director, former publisher, co-founder, and Henning's husband, and the sale of the paper to Stern Publishing. After running the paper independently for 18 years, Henning says it was frustrating to double check daily decisions with higher-ups. Three months ago CP Editor Steve Perry left the paper because of disagreements with in-house management.

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