Last night of Totally Scrabble Tuesday?


A Facebook invite (via) says tonight could be the last night of the best local show on television: Totally Scrabble Tuesday. It will only be the last if host Hamil Griffin-Cassidy manages to beat the audience for the 10th straight week.

So bring your Scrabble skills to the TV set tonight to keep this show alive.

In case you haven't seen the greatness that is Totally Scrabble Tuesday, the audience plays against Hamil live on TV. People can call in to the show and play one word. Hamil has won nine games in a row and supposedly said that he would end the show if he won ten straight.

Maybe it's because of the total idiots who call in too drunk and stoned to make any sense. But frankly that's one of the best reasons to tune into the show in the first place. They ask to play "Minneapolis", "marijuana", and "titties". Genius, right?

Tune into the show tonight at 11 p.m. in Minneapolis on MTN Channel 17. Outside of Minneapolis, watch the show online.

Don't let Hamil win again!