Larry Fitzgerald Sr. challenges MinnPost's David Brauer to a fistfight -- Updated

Early this morning, Larry Fitzgerald Sr. (or someone pretending to be him with an uncanny knack for his voice) commented on a three-month old Blotter blog post and challenged local press critic David Brauer to a fistfight.

"I have never measured my career success-my family's success based on idiots like you Brauer," reads the comment. "Give me your address and lets meet face to face ass hole."

The father of stunning Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald Jr., Fitz is a sports reporter for the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder. During the run-up to the Superbowl, there was some criticism on of his objectivity in light of his connection to his son, which led to this post by Brauer.

At 5:52 a.m. today, a commenter purporting to be "Larry Fitzgerald" and using the email address of Larry Fitzgerald Sr.'s official website left the following comment:

Larry Fitzgerald says:

I have never measured my career success-my family's success based on idiots like you Brauer. It's the Minnesota Spokesman Recorder newspaper. Black people have to do it your way. You punks just have a issues with a man doing it my way. Not your way my way. Dennis Green lasted 10 years 8 in the playoffs. Your a punk and I would put my foot in your teeth for questioning me. You don't have enough ability to judge me. God does but then again you don't believe in God. You are satan with a pen. I will tell you that to your face. Your just a jealous fatherless want to be. You will never be in my shoes ever so don't ever judge me their could be the chance I meet you in the same press box. I did the right thing allowing you an slate to to throw dirt on me only exposes you tow for who you are. Put a hat on and hide your horns. Give me your address and lets meet face to face ass hole.

Posted On: Saturday, Apr. 25 2009 @ 5:52AM

Update: David Brauer has appeared in the comments to challenge whether this is truly Larry Fitzgerald Sr. While I cannot say for certain that it is, there are several facts that strongly point to this being the real deal:

  • The commenter signed with Larry Fitzgerald Sr.'s personal email address.
  • The commenter takes the time to correct me when I inaccurately called his paper the "Minnesota Spokesman Reporter"
  • When the commenter says "I did the right thing allowing you an slate to to throw dirt on me..." it is a reference to, which also attacked Fitz at the same time.
  • The threat about running into Brauer in the press box is a reference to Brauer's original post.
  • The mention of "Dennis Green" is also to Brauer's original post--specifically, Brauer's reference that "During the Denny Green era, [Fitz] earned much scorn --including mine..."  
  • This post is three months old, so if someone just wanted to maliciously attack Brauer, there's a lot more high profile options (such as on BrauBlog).
  • 5:52 a.m. seems an odd time to perpetrate a hoax.
  • Just read the voice. Does that sound like someone trying to impersonate someone else? Or does it sound like a guy who is still seething mad because he felt unfairly ripped on when his son was in the Super Bowl?

As for why Larry Fitzgerald Sr. might harbor the kind of animosity toward Brauer that would keep him up at 5:52 a.m., I direct your attention to some choice excerpts from Brauer's original post:

It's been years since I crawled the press boxes, but Fitzgerald, Sr. was never the most-respected member of the Twin Cities sportwriting corps. During the Denny Green era, he earned much scorn --including mine -- for his over-the-top defense of Vikings coach Denny Green, even as Green literally retreated to the team bunker amid off-field improprieties. (At the time, Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. was a ballboy for the Vikes, which gives you a sense of the ethics here.)


On some level, Fitzgerald's treatment of "close personal friends" was no different than Sid Hartman's. Both were properly mocked, but Fitz seemed downgraded another notch as a black guy sucking up to black guys, whereas Sid sucked up to anyone with power. Fitz's sin, I suppose, was using racial affinity instead of a more general kind.

While I regarded Fitz as a shill, I also thought what he was doing was not that remarkable, considering the plethora of white media clapping the backs of sports figures who just happened to be white.